Group14 Technologies, LLC Terms and Conditions

Ordering and Sales

  1. All quotations valid for 90 days
  2. Payment will be due prior to delivery of goods and services
  3. Valid payment options are purchase order (Net30), PayPal invoice, check, or money order. We reserve the right to hold payments until they have cleared our bank.
  4. Purchase order customers must fill and pass a credit application.
  5. Returns for defective goods will be returned to Group14 Technologies, LLC for exchange of same item. Freight to be charged to Group14, Technologies, LLC.
  6. Returns for non-defective goods may be returned to Group14 Technologies, LLC up to 30 days after purchase but are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Freight to be paid by purchaser.
  7. All products have a 90 day warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  8. International freight charges to be calculated based on shipping cost at delivery time.
  9. Group14 Technologies, LLC will always attempt to honor lead times but will not be liable for any further delays in shipment.
  10. Buyer and Group14 Technologies, LLC will abide by all United States laws and regulations regarding exports and foreign transactions